Austereo (Triple M)

Tony Martin's "Get This" (broadcasted on the struggling Austereo station "Triple M") is getting axed despite being one of the top rating shows on the station.

This is done in an attempt to focus the audience on the breakfast shows. In my (and many others') opinion, Get This is the most intelligent and the funniest show on radio.

It is also one of the very few shows who do regular political satire and who are not censored towards the favour of any political party. It is also incredibly dedicated to its listeners (one of which is me).

Martin and his team work for hours on end to get that perfect sound grab and compiling sketches for the listeners, not to mention making the podcasts which Martin works tirelessly to produce as quick as possible. He even took on an extra hour for the show with the same pay.

The only argument he's had with the station is "Can we do more?" as quoted in the Herald. Shows of this caliber don't come along often.

We, the undersigned, call on Austereo to keep Get This on the air.

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