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My name is fakhreddine khotbi, I am a Tunisian citizen who lives in the south-west, exactly in the city of tozeur, I have a situation to tell:
I worked as a journalist at a local radio station and I also participated in civil society and participated in few activities in Amnesty International Tunisia tozeur city section . I was humiliated for no reason and still for more than two years and pursued politically by the Tunisian authorities for nothing or no charge, I lost my dignity, I have been mentally and physically hurt, perhaps for issues related to freedom of expression
I loved my country but unfortunately, I am disappointed every day not being able to escape from this madness, i'm escaping death every day, the turn my city tozeur citizens against me, months ago i was hitted with small knife and stick by a person and was saved by a miracle, they refuse to cure me in hospital and after i recover i found out that they charged me with four months with hard work without even inviting me to the court and also threaten the lawyer ,i made appeal of a court order, and every time cops drag me to the court, waiting standing up for hours, they make fun of me and they delay the case
Next date of appeal hearing is 5 Mars and they delaied it over and over till my right is gone.
I do not feel safe anymore and I call your humanity and compassion to help me by informing my case in human rights groups, members or activists.
Kind regards

I ask every human rights organisation or people still have mercy on their hearts ,to help me or just by sharing, informing and spreading what i have been through
Kind regards

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