#Animal Rights
South Australian Government, RSPCA, AWL, Local Councils

Esky the Dingo x who has been taken from his loving family by thugs. They won't disclose where the dog is and wont let this family see the dog who they say will be destroyed anytime.... this is madness as we have huge amount of Dingo x in family homes as pets.

Please everyone get onto it and try and save this family some heartache... Elections are on weekend what better time can we ask for help. Okay just read the story about Esky the Dingo...

The Adelaide advertiser has stated that a dog is being put to death, or caged for life simply because he is a native dog crossed with a domesticated dog and therefore is not allowed in South Australia. He did nothing except be born in the WRONG state!

We need to save him before the weekend's election. Let our government see that we won't accept an animal being killed simply because he's considered a pest.

He's NOT a pest, he's a loving and loyal DOG, regardless of breed, he doesn't deserve to die when he's done nothing wrong.

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