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To Whom it May Concern
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Close E's Grill in Estrella down?? No way!

We, the undersigned patrons of E's Grill in Estrella, Goodyear, Arizona, would like to petition Sunchase and Newland Communities to ensure the lease for E's Grill is renewed.

With gas prices on the rise, and the housing market in a slump, people looking to buy in Estrella don't want to drive all the way down the hill to grab a quick bite to eat or a refreshing beer on a hot summer's day.

Plus, E's Grill is a great place for neighbors to meet and to enjoy a sense of "community." With the pool closing for the season, E's provides the only gathering place to meet your neighbors on a regular basis (unlike a grocery store).

Please Sunchase, Newland, or the powers that be, reconsider and let this one oasis continue to refresh us and bring our community together.

Save E's Grill!

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