City of Rancho Cucamonga
United States of America

Empire Lakes Golf Course was, and could be again, the crown jewel of the Inland Empire. Lewis Homes has purchased the course and is planning on tearing it down to put up exactly what Rancho Cucamonga does not need, MORE APARTMENTS!

The course is home to all sorts of wild life that used to rome free in the area before it was severely over developed. Red Tail Hawks, Cranes, Herons and Owls are only a few of the species you find out on the course. The course is a great place for children to learn many aspects that golf has to offer such as; honesty, sportsmanship, respect and build character.

We are trying to keep the city from rezoning the golf course for homes. Please help us. If Lewis Homes were to put as much money into the golf course as they are putting into trying to destroy it, it could be easily be the top rated course in the Inland Empire and thrive once again as a professional tour stop, generating huge tax dollars for the city and revenue for the surrounding businesses.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Rancho Cucamonga to deny the rezoning of Empire Lakes Golf Course for residential use and motion to keep it as a green zone so it can once again become the Crown Jewel of the Inland Empire.

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