Save Eli Stone

Anyone with a sensible mind does realize that in this modern era we have been submerged by a plethora of junk media doctored with the sole purpose of appealing to a maximum number of people.

Eli Stone has soared about this miasmic style and has brought us a new pair of eyes to see the world with. The creators of Eli Stone edified a microcosm where a few people can successfully stand up for what they believe in and fight the despicable mechanism of an unjust world we helped create by our indifference towards others.

Fueled by the same imagination nurtured by this show, we believe that it is our duty to stand up for what we believe in: Eli Stone is one of them; it is much more than a mere 40 minute TV show, it is a medium that entertain us, educate us, and it has given us the chance to perceive television differently. The writers succeeded in making a sensible, logical, compelling, and a realistic plot dipped in a touch of fiction. The actors were also successful in making us attached to their wits, charm, ingeniosity, and originality of the characters they play. What more can you expect in a TV show?

Eli Stone is a breath of fresh air in this world. Don’t suffocate us anymore: give Eli Stone another chance to prove itself. I am sure that a careful (re)marketing strategy will boost Eli Stone ratings and heighten its commercial value for you.

Thank you for your precious time.

We, the undersigned, appeal to the ABC Board to reconsider their decision to cancel Eli Stone.

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