#City & Town Planning
The Buffalo City Municipality

The 1on /1off initiative urges the Buffalo City Municipality, and eventually all municipalities in South Africa, to switch off every second street lamp in the entire city.

By doing so we can save huge amounts of electricity and curb load shedding. East London had in excess of 125 000 lampposts with an average wattage of 120w to 450w each. by turning every second one off we could save as much as 10 ME, conservatively speaking.

Best of all is it won't cost a cent other than having people walking from pole to pole and flicking a switch. The next time you drive past a lamppost, look at that panel at about hip height. behind it is a circuit breaker and that's how easy it is.
if we could save 10Mw in BCM that is almost a tenth of stage one load shedding saved in one city.

Imagine what a city like cape town or Johannesburg can save?

Sign the petition and before you know we'll be in your city too. This could end the load shedding insanity.

We urge you to help us save electricity and make a difference by turning off every second street lamp in the Buffalo City Municipal area.

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