#Human Rights
UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-Moon

Excellency Ben Ki-Moon,

The government of Iranian regime is ready to commit one more crime in its desperate behaviour to survive the peaceful freedom movement in the country.

Ehsan Fattahian, the Kurdish political prisoner who went on hunger strike is set to be executed on Wednesday. He is jailed in the Central Prison in Sanadaj.

He was arrested in summer and initially wad condemned to 10 years in prison and exile to a remote prison in the Ramhormoz in Khouzestan, Southern Iran. After the objection the dossier was sent to the Revolutionary Court of Sanadaj, where the sentence was revised and changed to execution! He was accused to be a member of a banned Kurdish political party.

He is set to be executed to set an example of those prisoners who go on strike and don’t stop fighting even within the prisons.

He is set to be executed because the isolated and regime is in panic and kills as many opponents as they can before their end day.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT and every second matters!

We ask you to use your authority and do whatever you can to stop this execution. The Iranian regime is behaving as if it were an occupation force.

Please help us to save Ehsan.


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