Salford City Council
United Kingdom

A lady called Barbara Woodward has tended a patch of land near her house for over 20 years. Now Salford City Council have served an eviction notice, saying she never had permission to be there in the first place.

They plan to put a new car park on the site.

In a densely populated urban area with few green spaces, this garden is an oasis.

We the undersigned hereby object to Salford Council's proposal to bulldoze this local garden and replace it with tarmac as part of the development of the new school.

We call upon Salford Council to withdraw the eviction notice and find an alternative piece of land on which to park cars from the new school and to officially recognise this garden as an essential facility which can continue to be enjoyed by everyone.

We also call upon Salford City Council to officially recognize Barbara Woodward as the caretaker of the garden.

The Save Dorning Street Nature Garden petition to Salford City Council was written by Antony Yates and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.

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