Hamilton Board of Education

Delta Secondary School is under threat of closure! Only short years after tax payer's dollars were spent to renovate it. Citing falling enrollment, the Hamilton Board is seeking to create a black hole in East Hamilton, where a focal point of our community now stands.

Rather than attempt to extend the school boundaries, find co-tenants, they are willing to take the short sighted step of ending an educational tradition that is more than 85 years old. It is time that the policy of short term 'bottom line' ends and the community as a whole be considered.

The east end doesn't need another blow and a vacant Delta S.S. will devalue life and property for all of us who have made our homes here.

We, the undersigned, are completely opposed to the closing of Delta and Parkview Secondary Schools.

We feel that the loss of two such vital institutions would have extreme negative long term effects on our communities; in effect, they would be removing vital focal points and well as undermining the quality of life and property values in both these neighbourhoods.

We condemn such short term reasoning especially after the recent renovations at tax payers’ expense to Delta. We call on the board to find an innovative and community serving solution to the perceived problem rather than the current proposal to gut established services and remove a landmark from the cityscape.

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