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Ken Corday ,NBC , James E Reilly

This is a petition to save the characters being fired on Days Of Our Lives, bring back James Reynolds as Abe Carver and get the producers to listen to the fans to save the soap from becoming extinct due to bad writing, planning and plot lines! Please sign and circulate it around to as many people as you can think of!

As regular viewers of Days of Our Lives, we are writing to express our extreme disappointment in the way that things are being handled with the soap. This includes the firing of very much beloved characters.

The recent decisions to drop much loved actors from the show while bringing in much unneeded and unwanted ones in their place, is not only ruining the soap, but is a sure way to ruin for it and will result in a lot of very dedicated fans, such as ourselves, leaving as viewers.

It is not the characters that are at fault, it is the writing for these characters/actors! Bring in better story lines for these veteran characters and actors,
bring back James Reynolds as Abe Carver. Leave Maggie, Carolyn, Jack and whomever else of the veterans that you're planning on getting rid of and write better scripts for them!

Bring back the "old Days" with the characters that we love!!!! Otherwise, Days will be history for all of us fans!

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