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On Thursday the 8th of September an announcement was made that the government would be closing the Cronulla Fisheries Research Centre and 'transferring' its over 150 employees to regional areas in NSW, this of course will result in a loss of many employees who have families and mortgages and are unable to move, essentially the government is making job-cuts without calling it that.

The proposed relocating of Cronulla Fisheries Centre of Excellence will:

 Cost taxpayers and the environment.
 Waste recreational fishing licence money.
 Cost 150 local jobs.
 Move fisheries services away from Sydney – No.1 fishing area in NSW.
 Waste millions of $$ on rebuilding specialised research laboratories.
 Lose hundreds of years of fisheries research & management expertise.


To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of
New South Wales

The Petition of citizens of NSW

Brings to the attention of the House the decision by the NSW Government to remove
and relocate the services currently undertaken at the Cronulla Fisheries Research
Centre of Excellence.

The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the Legislative Assembly to reverse the
decision, and retain all services and staff at their current location.

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