#Neighborhood Living
Wakefield Council
United Kingdom

As part of an ongoing Library Review to save £571,000 Wakefield Council is placing Crofton Community Library under imminent closure as early as August 2012. A report has been prepared by Wakefield Council into the future of Crofton Library which will be presented to Council Officials in July 2012.

Crofton Community Library is one of the most cost effective, well loved and well run Local Libraries in the UK and occupies a part of the building in Crofton Academy which serves not only the Community of 6,000 but also 4 local schools, the Academy, a Junior School, and 2 Infant Schools in Crofton.

Most residents of Crofton are unaware of the threat hanging over their Library despite a supposed consultation of the community and there has been no publicity by the Council in the local media.

We, the undersigned, call on Wakefield Council not to close Crofton Community Library.

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