#Neighborhood Living
Residents of Maryland Heights and people who enjoy Creve Coeur Park
United States of America

The City of Maryland Heights intends to develop more than 3,000 acres of land surrounding Creve Coeur Park, in the Missouri River floodplain called Howard Bend. As currently envisioned, this development will:

• Encourage light industrial, office distribution and regional retail directly bordering the park (“regional retail” means large-scale retailers such as Wal-Mart, Super Target, PetCo, etc.);

• Rob us of our local character, making our community indistinguishable from every other strip development along a highway;

• Siphon business from Westport, contributing to its decline; and

• Discourage agriculture in this fertile area, even as local food production becomes increasingly important and valued by the community.

Show your support by signing the petition to demonstrate to Maryland Heights city officials and developers that we want better for our community!

The City of Maryland Heights encourages large-scale commercial development on land directly bordering Creve Coeur Park.

We OPPOSE this development because it will negatively affect Creve Coeur Park, destroy farmland and create urban sprawl, further diluting the vitality of our community.

Protect Creve Coeur Park and farmland now and for future generations!

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