Rochdale Borough Council
United Kingdom

Coronation lodge is currently under threat with the potential to be completely filled in if action is not taken.

Newheys local fishing lodge, situated behind Shaw Road (adjacent to BodyMatters Gym carpark) has recently been bought and partially filled in without planning permission... The quick actions of local residents forced a stop to this action temporarily whilst planning permission is now enforced.

This petition will be used to demonstrate the importance of this site and to support the protection of the remaining lodge when shown to the Planning Officers and the Environment Agency. The lodge has been part of Newhey for more than 100 years with many still enjoying its use, the young and old that have previously and still enjoy fishing there, the memories people hold of playing by the lodge as they have grown... Not to mention the protected species of wildlife that must be saved.

Please help by simply signing this petition, your signature truly could make a huge difference.

Thank you

We, the undersigned, call on Rochdale Borough Council to take action to stop the development of Coronation Lodge, Newhey and its surrounding area. Furthermore, we call upon the Council take action and ensure that the current damage to trees, the lodges and wildlife is rectified and that if necessary prosecution takes place of those responsible.

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The Save Coronation Lodge petition to Rochdale Borough Council was written by Milnrow & Newhey Liberal Democrats and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.