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Town of Claremont

We need your help to stop the Town of Claremont imposing massive fees on participants of community events at Claremont Showgrounds.

These fees could spell the end of community events at the Showgrounds.

Claremont Town Council is improperly using its Trading in Public Places Local Law to impose licence fees on participants of community events at Claremont Showgrounds including the Perth Royal Show.

The licence fees paid to the Town of Claremont could add up to $500,000.

Organisers of the recent Craft and Antique and Collectors Fair at the Showgrounds had to pay fees of $35,500 to the Town of Claremont.

The Town of Claremont has no involvement with this community event and did not provide any services to it.

The Town of Claremont says that it will exempt charities and associations. The Craft and Antique and Collectors Fair raises $20,000 a year for charity. It wasn't given an exemption.

The Royal Agricultural Society is a not for profit organisation. Why aren't we able to get an exemption for all community events at Claremont Showgrounds?

The Town of Claremont says that it is only commercial traders who will be captured by these fees. That is not true. The participants of the Craft and Antique and Collectors Fair are hobbyists who make and sell small handmade arts and crafts. They are not commercial traders.

Some of those participating at the Perth Royal Show who could be forced to pay licence fees include:

• Art competition exhibitors
• Exhibitors at the Dairy Pavilion and Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion which provide samples and cooking demonstrations to the public.
• People who demonstrate felting and spinning and educate showgoers about what garments are make with alpaca fleece, goat fleece and wool.
• Participants of the live trade auction
• Small industry groups such as the WA Olive Council.
• Community groups such as Country Womens' Association, YMCA, Scouts

The Town of Claremont has no reason to impose these fees. The council does not maintain the Showgrounds' buildings or grounds. The Royal Agricultural Society does.

The Royal Agricultural Society pays the Town of Claremont $50,000 in lieu of rates each year which the council can use to maintain infrastructure in the town of Claremont.

The Royal Agricultural Society reimburses the Town of Claremont for any administrative work or inspections associated with events at Claremont Showgrounds.

The Town of Claremont makes money out of the Perth Royal Show. It collects $4 whenever a car parks on Westrail land or Claremont Oval. Thousand of cars park there each day.

The Town of Claremont does not have to apply the local law to participants of community events at the Claremont Showgrounds. It is choosing to do so.

The Town of Claremont is setting a dangerous precedent and if other councils follow its lead the future of craft fairs, school fetes, fundraising by sporting clubs and markets everywhere could be in doubt.

This is a shameless grab for money at the expense of all Western Australians.

Please sign our petition. Write or email the Minister for Local Government. Write, email or phone media outlets. Contact the Town of Claremont councillors and voice your outrage.

We need your support to stop this. If you want to help contact the following:
The West Australian.
Email to letters@wanews.com.au (include full address and telephone number).
SMS to 0434 600 700 and be sure to include your name and suburb.

ABC Radio
Studio talkback: 1300 222 720
SMS: 199 22 720

Talkback Number: 08 9221 1882
SMS Feedback: 19 999 677

Minister for Local Government the Hon Liljanna Ravlich. Email ljiljanna-ravlich@dpc.wa.gov.au

or write to the Minister for Local Government the Hon Liljanna Ravlich.
12th Floor, Dumas House
2 Havelock Street, WEST PERTH WA 6005

Channel 7 news news@7perth.com.au Today Tonight tt@7perth.com.au
Channel 9 news ninenews@perthtv9.net.au
Channel 10 news NEW-news@networkten.com.au
Channel 2 news tvperth@your.abc.net.au

Claremont Town Council.

TO: The Mayor of the Town of Claremont

Clause 15(2) Trader Exemption

We, the undersigned, formally petition the Town to grant an exemption to all traders who trade at the Claremont Showgrounds from the requirements of the Town’s Trading in Public Places Local Law as allowed under clause 15(2), (other than food and beverage traders).

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