#Animal Welfare
Gulfport Florida
United States of America

We the people of the neighborhoods surrounding Clam Bayou Nature Preserve in the Marina District of Gulfport, Florida have seen a pack of roaming dogs not known to our dog walking community in the Preserve.

According to a Kurt Zuelsdorf, the community member who owns the kayak rental business, that launches the kayaks in the water at the entrance to the Bayou, these dogs originate at the base of 37th Street South and swim over at times of low tide. Many of us have seen them and a few have seen the litter of puppies that were dropped by one of them. They are now becoming more territorial and stand at the top of the first hill in the Preserve just watching whomever is waiting at the bottom of the hill. They are now swimming over during high tide too. Today Officer Madsen saw the dogs coming south on Miriam. This means the dogs are now moving north into the residential parts of the neighborhood. We have seen a couple of dead cats and the brown marsh rabbits are becoming less and less.

Wild dogs that have never been domesticated must kill to survive. The longer that these dogs are left to roam freely in the Bayou, the more likely they are to venture further into the neighborhood and kill the animals who are in there own yards or lying in front of their own homes.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Gulfport, the City of St. Petersburg, and Pinellas County Animal Services to save Clam Bayou from the wild dogs.

We petition that humane traps be set and monitored. We petition that the Animal Control Agency take an active role in the removal of dogs that roam freely in our county.

We understand that the Animal Control Agency currently deals only with domesticated animals. We are hoping that the three entities join forces to come together with a solution to solve this growing problem and make Clam Bayou safe again, to enjoy the beauty that is ours in Florida.

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