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Environment Canterbury (ECan) and the Christchurch City Council (CCC) have approved plans by Winstone Aggregates to quarry on a site in Winstones have been given permission to Quarry to a depth of 11 metres.

The closest Ecan monitored well is in Miners Road and at times recently this has been up to 10 metres. They should not be Quarrying within 1 metre of the highest recorded level so should only be going down past 9 metres.

9 Quarry owners have applied to the CCC and ECAN to dig further down into their Quarries by about 3 or 4 more metres. Their proposal involved extending the depth of quarrying between one and three metres below the highest groundwater level recorded before December 2014 at each of the three quarry areas around Christchurch: Miners Rd in Yaldhurst, McLeans Island Rd in Harewood, and Selwyn Rd in Prebbleton.

Quarrying deeper could lead to contamination of the aquifers that supply Christchurch's drinking water.

The really big fear is that it will pollute the groundwater, " Christchurch deputy mayor Vicki Buck said. "If we damage our water supply, environmentally, it's disastrous."

If you do not want water contaminated with asbestos and other horrific chemicals Please sign this petition to stop the extension of quarrying and help keep NZs precious water pure.

We, the undersigned, call on the NZ government , Enviroment canterbury and christchurch city council to eliminate the extension of Winstone Aggregates mine on Old West Coast Road in order to protect The health and well being of residents and Christchurch's water supply.

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