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Kirklees Council
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Kirklees Council will vote on November 23rd 2011, to submit the Chidswell and Grange Road sites to the next stage of the LDF Core Strategy. There have been two public meetings to discuss and object to the councils proposals, on both occasions the attendance was low.

We need to persuade at least thirty five of the sixty nine councillors to vote against the proposals for this area. Only you the residents have the power of persuasion by writing or emailing your local councillor or all councillors.

We need all the residents to attend any future meetings. The council must see the depth of ill feeling towards the destruction of the only greenbelt sites left between the boundaries of Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield.

 Savile Estates’ have submitted an LDF application to build industrial units and housing on the land surrounding Grange Road Farm which borders Leeds Road and Soothill Lane. No drawings are available.

 The Church of England purchased the Chidswell Site (180 hectares) in August 2011 and they plan to develop 35 hectares for employment (industrial units) plus 200 houses. No drawings are available.

 OPENCAST - We managed to stop this 14 years ago - the coal is still there, only the Coal Authority can decide whether to excavate the surface coal. Not the developers or Kirklees Council. THIS IS A MAJOR CONCERN.

 Try to look at the bigger picture: opencast, backfill (household waste), houses, industrial units, pollution, traffic congestion, traffic on Leeds Road has increased by 7% in the last 3 years, the loss of greenbelt, trees, wildlife habitats, footpaths etc, an area enjoyed by many local people.

We petition the Council to stop proposed development plans to develop the Land at Windsor Park, Chidswell, Dewsbury for The Church of England as part of the Kirklees Core Strategy Draft Proposals.

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