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Chautauqua Lake multi-species fisheries depend on healthy weed habitat now in serious jeopardy. Widespread herbicide use in 2019 destroyed over
2,000 acres of critical fish habitat – submerged milfoil & curly leaf pondweed beds that protect the lake’s forage base and game fish, and provide water
filtering & silt anchoring properties in deep water areas that help prevent even worse algae growth… Professional surveys performed for 18 consecutive years by a respected ecologist and fisherman’s sonar recordings throughout last summer’s season both reveal shocking differences between the chemical free North Basin and the vast barren bottoms in the South Basin. Herbicides advocates now threaten the lake with even more uncontrolled chemical use and far offshore destruction… The only remaining protection for the fisheries is the regulatory authority of the NYSDEC to limit and dictate the time & place where herbicides may be used. If you wish your voice to be heard, please consider signing the petition which will be forwarded to NYSDEC authorities.

PETITION for Safer Protections from CHAUTAUQUA LAKE Chemical Herbicides
I request NYSDEC to exercise its sole authority to better protect the century old national legacy of muskie & multi-species fisheries in Chautauqua Lake and to not permit extensive applications of chemical herbicides which destroy
critical submerged offshore habitat. I endorse the following fishery safety protections from herbicides:
1.) Impose Strict Controls to protect all Submerged Milfoil & Curly Leaf Pondweed in greater than 6’ lake depths
2.) No Applications before June 24
3.) No Liquid Use (Granular Only)
4.) No Navigation Channel Use
5.) Spot Herbicide Use Only.

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