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This is charmx's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeg3kCPS0awdApTERsIPkyA

Charmx is a person who brings joy and laughs to many people, Charmx is a man who tries his best, Charmx is a person who never gives up once he is down, he does not deserve to be deleted from YouTube because of one Video meanwhile many youtubers steal movie clips and don't even give credit.

The petition will be used to save the youtuber "Charmx" from being deleted from YouTube. Why should you not delete him? You may not know him but he is a funny guy who brings entertainment to over 700k people. And he just isn't a youtuber or a person who reacts to videos, he brings laughs and smiles to people, not all his content might not be child friendly but any age of his content is the best, There are other people who do copyright and don't get deleted but why is it fair to delete a youtuber's channel who actually gives credit.

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