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Malaysia gave the United Nations a commitment not to execute anyone till it considers amending the law and make a decision by March 2014. However on friday 7th Feb 2014 this young gentleman would be hanged. Please sign this petition to show your support. Speak for right to life.

No matter how cruel a man can be, he does not deserve to die at the hands of the state. History has proven even the law courts can make a mistake in making its decisions.

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HINDRAF calls upon the Attorney General’s office to immediately take the necessary pro- active steps in halting the execution one Mr Chandran a/l Paskaran that is to take place on 7th February 2014 in Kajang prison.

The call for abolishment of death sentence had been in place since October 2012, when Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri had voiced out his intention to move a moratorium bill with the support both from the government and opposition to abolish death sentence in Malaysia.

In July 2013, in association with the Bar Council, Death Penalty Project (DPP) launched a finding of a public opinion survey on the mandatory death penalty and found that the public was favourable in abolishing death penalty.

Thereafter in October 2013, during the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the government had agreed to heed the call of the international community on the recommendation made by them in abolishing death sentence.

The government had committed to respond to the Human Rights Council by March 2014 on the recommendation made.

Even our neigbouring country Singapore had amended their law in regards to death sentence in July 2013 and in November 2013, although Malaysian,Yong Vui Kong was sentenced with death sentence in May 2010, he was relieved from mandatory death sentence when he was able to apply for his death sentence to be made as a life imprisonment and been granted the same.

A death sentence is incompatible with human rights and human dignity as it violates the right of life which is most basic human rights. Therefore we urge Bar Council, Suhakam and all like-minded civil societies to lend their support in safeguarding and promoting Human Rights by voicing together in an effort to halt the impending execution of Mr Chandran that is to take place this coming Friday.

Thank you.

P.Waytha Moorthy

Hindraf – Chairman

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