South Lanarkshire Council

Cathkin Community Nursery provides an outstanding service that benefits the community and beyond. It has achieved the highest HMIe rating possible and is a brand new facility. It is a 52wk a year nursery providing parent/carers with the chance to up skill and enter the workforce. The government are working to improve children's life chances, we know that a child's early years will determine how they will do later.

The government have also said that they will extend on pre school education for some Two Year Olds as well. Cathkin Community Nursery are already implementing what the Government would like to see happening Nationwide, so why then would South Lanarkshire Council be looking to close the role model for Scottish Nurseries?

We the undersigned, call on South Lanarkshire Council to refrain from closing Cathkin Community Nursery as part of the Councils Three Years Savings Proposals.

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