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The Hills Shire Council

The Castle Hill Showground is one of very few suburban showgrounds left in Sydney. It is a valuable open space set out in a style reminiscent of a country showground.

It is used everyday and evening by a wide group of community members from Computer Pals for seniors to Dog Training.

The dog rings are used every night by people traveling from as far a field as the Eastern Suburbs, the Blue Mountains and the Central Coast-so unique are the facilities.

The new railway being built locally will naturally open this area up to more people. We would like to see the dog ring facilities maintained in their current form as they are providing much a needed recreation area for dogs and their owners and facilities for dog education. Suburban areas now have smaller yards yet pet ownership is increasing. There is a huge need to maintain dog education facilities within the community.

This is under threat with the planned redevelopment of the showground.

We, the undersigned, call on The Hills Council to consult with and listen to the users of the dog rings of Castle Hill Showground.

The Agility Dog Club of NSW is a long term user of these grounds and has spent time and money caring for them. The location of this facility is central to a large population area and is easily accessed by those who need it.

Active dogs in small backyards need the physical and mental outlet that agility training provides them-thus helping to prevent neighbourhood problems.
Please keep our grounds open!

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