Southwark Council
United Kingdom

The space in front of Carter Place Police Station on the Walworth Road has been a garden ever since the land was enclosed. It is unique in being the only green space along the Walworth Rd that has never been developed.

The garden won many prizes, was a source of local pride and was even visited by HM the Queen Mother.

When our local police moved from the site, the garden was bought by a developer and they have been trying to build on it ever since. Local people and Councillors have successfully fought this so far, but we are now coming to the showdown when either this garden gets obliterated under a massive building of shops and flats.

We have an alternative. Help us to get the site protected so that it remains as a garden for the people of Walworth and Southwark to enjoy once again.

We the undersigned call upon Southwark Council to reject development proposals for the historic garden at Carter Place, 292 Walworth Road.

We request that this site is protected for the enjoyment of the people of Southwark. We request that the case is referred to the Council Assembly for a full discussion.

The Save Carter Place Garden in Southwark petition to Southwark Council was written by Jeremy Leach and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.