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Aliso Viejo Town Center
United States of America

Your beloved free family friendly community gathering Cars and Coffee Aliso Viejo is being forced to shut down. Please sign the petition to show your support for the gathering.

The management company of Aliso Viejo Town Center is Powerstone Property Management. If you would like to share your frustration with their decision to push the city to shut down Cars and Coffee Aliso Viejo, here is their contact page:


Their Irvine office shows a phone number of: 949-716-3998

This gathering is a great free event for families to come together for a fun Saturday morning experience creating lasting memories as well as parent/child bonding time. Cars and Coffee Aliso Viejo has been building and growing friendships and building neighborly connections for over two years.

Not only have the coffee shops experienced strong sales increases because of the gathering, but many visitors have stayed after and shopped at the surrounding local businesses bringing more customers and tax revenue to the city.

We cherish our weekly gathering. If you do too, please put a comment in the petition to let everyone know how much you value it to provide the positive side and offset any negative feedback that has gone out related to a few bad apples. Please share specific examples of how you and your family value the event. If you spend your money at local businesses because of the gathering, please share specific information about this as well.

Show that the majority of us are respectful, kind and upstanding members of the automotive enthusiast community.

Please sign this petition so we can have a show of how many value this gathering and want it to continue.

Please allow Cars and Coffee Aliso Viejo to continue meeting in the Aliso Viejo Town Center. My family and I greatly enjoy this free weekly gathering. It is a great opportunity to meet people, build friendships and community as well as bond with my family. It is a part of our Southern California culture that brings in local tourism and excitement to the City of Aliso Viejo. It is also a testimony to the vibrant culture of our great State of California.

This gathering benefits the Aliso Viejo Town Center businesses and restaurants bringing in an influx of additional customers. This not only leads to business success for the tenants but also additional tax revenue for the city.

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