#Local Government
Eden District Council
United Kingdom

Carr House is a historic rural building which has been repaired in a environmentally responsible way. It is ‘Off-Grid’, generating its own energy, and could provide affordable housing to local people.

Eden District Council has ruled to disallow planning permission at Carr House and enforce its partial demolition. The Council’s and Planning Inspector’s rulings indicate that both the current and emerging planning policy framework is worded and/or interpreted in a way which prevents sensible proposals like Carr House.

We consider that Eden District Council’s LDF Documents, including the Core Strategy which is currently out for consultation, should be amended to make clear that proposals like Carr House are supported by policy and the Council.

You can read more about Carr House and the Planning Application at http://www.edenrecycling.co.uk/?Eco_Living_-%26nbsp%3BCarr_House

You can read about the Council’s Core Strategy Development Plan at

We the undersigned urge Eden District Council to change its planning policy to allow affordable and environmentally responsible developments (like Carr House) to be permitted.

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