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Caroline Care Home in Portsea, Portsmouth, may be closed by Christmas to save council money.

It is home to 24 elderly people aged in their 80s and 90s who will have to be moved on and found alternative accommodation at this late stage in their lives.

One of the resident's, 92-year-old Bob McGowan, has began a petition completely off his own back - visiting shops to get them to put up his home made poster and leaving petition lists in dozens of premises.

This online petition intends to support his efforts.

Caroline Care Home may be closed by Christmas because of a council cash crisis.

The home in Portsea, Portsmouth, is home to 24 elderly residents aged mostly in their 80s and 90s who will have to be moved to alternative premises.

Bob McGowan, a resident of the home who has started his own petition to keep it open, says: 'This exceptional home, well run by dedicated staff could be closed in November, by that time I will be 93.

'Eighty and 90-year-olds are sick with worry, come on care home, put yourself in their position.'

'Decision time on the home is July 19, please sign our petition against it closing.'

'Keep Caroline Lodge open.'

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