Archbishop Vincent Nichols
United Kingdom

The Archbishop of Westminster has refused to appoint current parents as Foundation Governors at Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School. The Vaughan Parents' Action Group urge him to do so - particularly as the governing body is about to appoint a new Head, only the third time this has happened in the last 35 years.

Given this very significant appointment the only way parents can no longer feel ignored is if the succesful candidate attracts support outside of the Archbishop's appointees and from across other sections of the unhappily divided Governing Body.

Now that the government is about to consult on a change to the law, we, the undersigned, respectfully ask Archbishop Vincent Nichols two things:

• that you now nominate two current parents as Foundation Governors of the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School and

• that you advise your other nominees on the Governing Body to conduct the selection process of a new Head so as to bring about an appointment that will command the support not just of your nominees but also of other sections across the unhappily divided Governing Body and that will ensure that the School’s parents no longer feel ignored.

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