Activision & Infinity Ward

June 13, 2006

To my fellow Call of Duty players. This petition is directed to Activision and Infinity Ward.

The goal of this is to show these companies how large the COD PC community still is, and to not completely discard us for the console games.

Please support this petition for the future of Call of Duty on the PC. Below is the letter to the aforementioned companies asking for support and expansion. Please include your COD screenname and tags (if applicable) with your signature, so that the petition reflects the number of individual groups participating also. Type your screenname and tags in the Title Box (Mr or Mrs box).

Thank you.

To whom it may concern,

A substantial following of online gamers have been let down by the lackluster, problem riddled PC version of Call of Duty 2. Recent indications that there will be an abandonment of PC versions of any further Call of Duty projects has stunned the community. Call of Duty was built off of the backs and wallets of your PC user base.

We have tirelessly supported the series, which is, by far, the gem in the first person shooter market for us. We are saddened by the sudden disregard for us by its creators. Many of us play nothing but COD and have built gaming PCs around the games. Do not abandon your PC base. Please release an expansion pack equal to that of COD:UO for COD2.

We crave vehicles, more weapons, larger maps and most of all fixes for all the existing problems. Please make this happen for us and the future of COD on the PC. Honor YOUR veterans!

Respectfully signed,
The COD PC community.

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