#City & Town Planning
Cambridge City Council
United Kingdom

Companies like Costa and Subway are destroying the cosmopolitan feel and diversity of Mill Road whilst also applying pressure onto local businesses. Now an independent shop is faced with another challenge and needs your support.

Due to the latest city council enforcement, Cafe Brazil at 64 Mill Road are forced with the difficult task of obtaining an A3 use for the shop, so they can continue providing a cafe environment, which is a unique place for the local community to meet, mingle and eat, as it has done for the last 8 years. The problem is the Mill Road area is currently over it's quota of allocated A3 licences, which will make this very difficult.

Failure to obtain an A3 hot food licence would mean the loss of an independent and unique, family run business on Mill Road as it would be very difficult to maintain the business as a shop only.

Independent businesses on Mill Road like Cafe Brazil are an important part of our diverse community and we want our council to support local businesses, not force them out with red tape.

We the undersigned call on Cambridge City Council to reconsider their decision to enforce Cafe Brazil to apply for an A3 license or to extend the Mill Road A3 quota so that this independent business can continue to offer food & beverages in a Cafe environment providing a unique place for locals to meet, eat and mingle.

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