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Busy Buddies Hawaii was abruptly closed down on Friday February 08, 2013. We ask for your support to re-open our doors to the families and children of Kailua-Kona.

We are here to ensure the health and safety of your child in the care of a licensed group child care center and we can prove it!

For 14 years Busy Buddies Hawaii has provided an essential service to Kailua-Kona Families. Our well trained staff has provided Early Child Education in all our programs, parent supervised visits, drop-in child care, parent support through education and evening classes, toilet training-and we continue to be the ONLY facility to train little ones, most importantly we continue to provide honest love and consistent nurturing to over 3000 children.

We are a healthy, safe and secure place for children. Busy Buddies Hawaii has always been greeting families with happy faces, big hugs, and lots of love to them and their children. Our staff is always striving to exceed in what we do and to maintain our reputation in our Community.

This closure has affected 120 families, displaced children who are comfortable, confident and established in their environment, parents may suffer loss of work or even potential job loss to care for their child at home. We do NOT have complaints from our happy parents, and they know their children are safe and secure in this school. Parents and children should not be penalized from a loving and caring environment for their child.

This decision was made by the Department of Human Services without providing alternatives to the owners, consulting with staff, families or the Kailua-Kona community. Their unprofessional approach and illegal action is not representative of genuinely caring individuals.

We kindly ask for your utmost support by signing our petition. This petition will be electronically and hand delivered to our State representatives on Oahu. We also encourage you to send en email to our State Representatives at:
Josh Green, at sengreen@capitol.hawaii.gov
Denny Coffman at repcoffman@capitol.hawaii.gov

and let them know how this affects you.

Busy Buddies is appealing this action. We look forward to re-opening very soon.

You support is greatly appreciated!
Ricky T. Hanano, President
Busy Buddies Hawai’i Staff

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