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Brothers and Sisters Recently has been having problems with ratings lowering.

And so many people love the show and we want to tell ABC that this show has potential more then they release and canceling it will upset so many people!

This is a petition to show ABC and the show how much we still believe in the potential of Brothers & Sisters, to tell them that we want it to be renewed for a sixth season. To have faith, as much as we have, in the show.

We will all be disappointed if they decide to cancel the show this year! With the right input B&S can go on for few more seasons. Right now we're fighting for season 6 and we WILL NOT give up too easily.

We need our Walker Sunday night! We're present and we're loyal to the show and the network: don't let us down and don't let down a show that has been a hit for 5 years!! Let's show them how determined we are!!

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