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The Bradda Group are looking to reverse the government's recent decision to authorise a developer to build a massive 72 bedroom private institution on Bradda, Port Erin.

WHY? Remember Salisbury care home? £7.9 million of taxpayers money "Squandered"?

The Manx Government originally owned and sold the land to this developer. The developer built the "private" Salisbury care home on his recently purchased land. Then, as soon as it was completed, the Manx Government bought back the care home from this developer for a whopping £7.9m.
According to the Manx Examiner, the developer made a profit of over £2m on this deal. That is over £2m of taxpayers money. Our money.

Now, this exact same developer, who has also built a string of care homes in Scarborough, Nuneaton, Newtown ( Powys), purchases a greenfield (never built on in the history of Man) and a house, separated by a public road (which is a public right of way), in Bradda, Port Erin, (a semi-rural area), and is swiftly granted planning approval by our Government for a massive and relentless 72 bedroom institution...

We, the undersigned, oppose the development of a 72 bedroom institution on
the Spaldrick House site, on the original Bradda road and on the green
field adjacent to Bradda Road and Spaldrick house.

We, the undersigned, believe that this is a totally overbearing potential development, unsympathetic to its surroundings and which would forever ruin the character and amenity of the area if allowed to proceed as planned.

We, the undersigned represent the present generation, and we must act as guardians of the island - for future generations. It is our responsibility. If the amenity and beauty of this area are lost - for financial gain by a few, they are lost forever for many.

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