#Neighborhood Living
Waverley Council

Bondi Beach Cottage Day Care is closing.

This service is the only community daycare currently available in Bondi, and is integral to the Waverley Community. Its closure will also mean job losses and will affect over 200 families who currently use the service. It is a lovely childcare that we would also like to stay open for future families in the area- perhaps you and/or people you know.

If you believe:
1. Community services such as this are an essential part of Waverley,
2. The operation of a much-loved and popular service should continue , and/or
3. Are aware of the difficulty of finding affordable and good quality childcare,
please sign this petition to show your support for the services of BBC in the Waverley community.

Other information:
We would love all of you to sign this petition, but ESPECIALLY those of you who live, own or work locally.
PLEASE do include your address (residential, or business if you work in the area), otherwise your signature may be considered invalid by Council.

“Details of persons signing a petition will generally only be used by Council to verify that the signatories qualify as having a direct interest in the Waverley Local Government Area as required by this policy.” – Waverley Council Petition policy (http://www.waverley.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0015/10338/PetitionsPolicy.pdf)

We, the undersigned, petition the Mayor and Councillors of Waverley to keep the childcare facility of Bondi Beach Cottage operational.

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