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A new road will cut through the greenbelt and through this established Horse Sanctuary, a registered Scottish Charity.

The Government did a compulsory purchase of Blaikiewell's land, but are not offering it enough funds to sufficiently re-establish the charity elsewhere - please help us get a fair deal for Blaikiewell!


We the undersigned believe that long-established, registered Blaikiewell Horse Sanctuary (Scottish Charity No. SC026054) needs a proper, adequate settlement from the Scottish Government to continue its good work, now that its lands have been subject to compulsory purchase for roadworks.

The Scottish Government are not treating this important resource as well as it should. The sanctuary is home to over 60 horses and ponies, and relies on donations and a small income from a related riding stable, Redwing. Like other animal charities, there is no Scottish government funding. The government seems to want to treat this charity as if it were simply a business. This may mean extreme financial difficulty through having to double the quantity of hay and grain feed to make up for the loss of grazing. It will mean closure as a rescue for all future animals who need a safe place to live out their lives.

If this road building project must go ahead, all of the businesses, homes and charities in its path need to be compensated adequately - Blaikiewell included.

We want:-

* A better valuation for the land,
* Acknowledgement that this is a valuable asset to the community which needs to be re-established without losing its size or moving too far away,
* Immediate government intervention to give the sanctuary a guaranteed future at least as good as its present conditions.
* Assurance that the welfare of the animals and their future is given due attention and support by government.

Further information from http://www.blaikiewell.com/trial.html

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