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The First Minister of Scotland
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The aim of this petition is to acheive a significant adjustment to the proposed course of the AWPR, so that it would no longer threaten the valuable work of Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary.

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As currently planned the route would take 20 acres away from the sanctuary, land which could not be replaced. This would bring about a large reduction in capacity and effectively it would mean the beginning of the end for Blaikiewell.

Currently the environs of Blaikiewell are quiet with clean air, ideal for its many elderly equiine residents. This would all change if the road were built as proposed.


Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary is a small charity based on Lower Deeside, Aberdeenshire. The first 2 horses were bought on impulse at a mart in 1977 to save them from meat traders. The charity itself was set up in 1997.

Blaikiewell is currently home to over 70 horses and ponies, 2 jersey cows and 6 pigs.


The ethos of Blaikiewell is to turn away no horse or pony that would otherwise be homeless or put down. If possible the horses and ponies are rehabilitated for very light work in the associated small riding school. Otherwise they live out the remainder of their natural lives in familiar fields with their friends. They are never sold or moved away.

Value to the Community

Blaikiewell provides much needed sanctuary spaces in a situation where most sancturies are full to bursting. Scotland cannot afford to lose the spaces at Blaikiewell.

Blaikiewell is also valuable to the humans involved, providing much interest and friendship. A young woman with learning difficulties sponsors one of the horses and comes quite regularly to feed and groom him. She gains much from the sense of responsibility this gives her.

Please help us to save Blaikiewell.

We the undersigned call upon the First Minister of Scotland, and Transport Scotland, to redirect the proposed course of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route away from Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary, so that the sanctuary can be saved and its work continue.

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