#Human Rights
Amnesty International & United Nations

The Rebels in Libya are slaughtering and executing innocent black African migrants. I don't know why its not receiving enough coverage on the News.

We need to speak up for this men, who are mostly from West Africa (the ones featured on Channel 4 News yesterday were Nigerians, they were quite lucky, if not for the Channel 4 News team, they would be dead by now).

The rebels see black African migrants and assume they are mercenaries, most mercenaries are from Chad, Niger and Maurtania. There are lots of footage of African Migarants bn executed on youtube, is there any chance someone can set up a page asking Rebels to stop committing these atrocities.

Please sign this petition so we can get enough coverage in the news and action can be taken by Amnesty International, the press and UN to save these innocent people.

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