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Rogerstone Community Council, Newport
United Kingdom

Have you been asked if you want a housing development to be built on Bethesda Field, Cefn Road, Rogerstone ? The site is a Greenfield and designated Environmental Space.

Bethesda Field is owned by the local Community (purchased by Rogerstone Community Council 1963), and is traditionally established as a grazing area of open grassland, adjoining the designated Ancient Woodland known as Cefn Woods.

RCC have entered into a legal agreement (without community consultation), with an un-named partner, to sell the Field for housing development. RCC have confirmed that the agreement is subject to a planning consent being achieved, and should RCC withdraw prior to this, then there will be a reasonable claim against them for loss expenses.

RCC held a local exhibition in March to promote suggested Community Investment Projects. However, posters advertising the exhibition did not publicise that these projects were to be funded from the sale of Bethesda Field.

The projects are listed on RCC's website, but RCC have already indicated that sufficient funding will not be available from the sale of Bethesda Field to fulfil all listed projects.

Part of Bethesda Field is proposed for development at this stage - the acreage could provide for approx 50 dwellings.

Whilst RCC have stated a preference for lower density housing development, at this stage they have not agreed to apply a covenant - leaving it open for a developer to apply for variation of planning for higher density.
There is also no guarantee from RCC that the remainder of Bethesda Field will not be sold / developed in the future.

Rogerstone residents pay an extra precept council tax for RCC to manage the facilities/amenities of Rogerstone - £77,868 in 2009/10. Together with £62,930 from Newport City Council, RCC received a total of £140,798. Is there really a need to sell off valuable Greenfield Environmental Space to fund new projects ?

Rogerstone residents believe that the village is in danger of over-development - it has already expanded considerably in a very short period with large scale developments resulting in over 1800 residential properties in Afon Mead, Great Oaks, Pontymason Lane, Cwrt/Fford Cwmlas.

The former aluminium facory site (brownfield) is also earmarked as a Candidate Site for future residential development and could provide for 1000+ properties, placing even more intolerable pressures on infrastructure.

With the clear availability of brownfield sites in Newport (including Llanwern steelworks) there is over provision for new housing development. There is no requirement for RCC to sell off Greenfield Environmental Space.

If this development goes ahead it will add to the already significant problems in Rogerstone with traffic congestion and infrastructure overload for schools, GP's and community policing.

Bethesda Field is a valued Greenfield Environmental Space with open grassland adjoining a designated Ancient Woodland, and is home to an abundance of wild life. Herons, sparrowhawks, owls, foxes, as well as bats are regularly seen - and there is also a natural water spring which provides a home to newts, ducks and other water-based birds. This Greenfield Environmental Space is the only open area adjoining the large Wern Industrial Factory Estate.

Just one property on Bethesda Field will be one too many - it has to be protected as a Greenfield Environmental Space.

Say NO to the development and save Bethesda Field.

We need to act now to leave a green legacy for our children and future generations in Rogerstone.

You can keep up to date on the progress of Bethesda Field by linking to our website www.save-bethesda-field.co.uk

We, the undersigned, call on Rogerstone Community Council, and Newport City Council Planning Department, to stop the proposed housing development on Bethesda Field, Rogerstone, Candidate Site No: 53.C1

Thank you.

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