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In early 2015, BBC's fan-favourite fantasy show 'Atlantis' was unfairly axed from our screens. Unfairly because of the mountain of unresolved plots, left in one big cliffhanger, that the BBC was aware about when making the decision to axe the show after only its second season.

Fans and actors of the show alike were taken by surprise. It is with the sense of unfairness – and so much potential for this magnificent show – that we, the fans, call for a third season to carry on the adventures of Jason and friends.

If BBC does not wish to revive the show, then we call on Amazon Instant Video to rescue it just as they did with BBC's 'Ripper Street'. What must be kept in mind is that 'Atlantis' is no longer just a UK hit: BBC America have began airing the show and it has gained a significant fanbase.

We, the undersigned, call on the BBC primarily as well as Amazon Instant Video, to revive the show 'Atlantis' and continue on with at least one more season, using original cast members. It is the cast's performances that brought the mythical world of ancient Atlantis to life, gained its worldwide fanbase, and has spurred the requirement for a continuation of the series.

As the show stemmed from the BBC, first preferences for a revival of the show would be settled there. However, several statements from the company following the cancellation of the show voice what can only be taken as a sincere disinterest in reviving the show against other projects.

If the BBC truly does not wish to revive the show, we then call for the rights to be given to Amazon Instant Video. The company's revival of 'Ripper Street' is an outstanding example of how they can save a fan-favourite show, and it is our sincere hope they will see the potential of 'Atlantis' as they did with 'Ripper street'.

There are many more adventures to be had within the world of 'Atlantis' including and beyond the cliffhanger the BBC left us with. The fans simply cannot stand to see such adventures go to waste.

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