Education Department

Help us stop the shocking removal of Bayswater North Primary School classrooms that students are currently using, before the end of this year!

Both buildings have been on site for over 30 years and are incorporated into the whole school design with a great deal of thought and expense in regard to additional resources.

Modifications such as the entrance area, covered watertight hallway and large glass panels were funded through fundraising money to create protected, safe, reassuring environment of an enclosed courtyard and productive learning environments. They provide a secure space for our junior students to play, move between classrooms, and access the bathroom facilities.

Protecting our schools beautiful grounds and facilities will need everyone’s assistance

So please help us any way you can and let the education department know this is not acceptable.

Stop the Education Department from removing classrooms 7, 8, 9 and 10 from the Bayswater North Primary School community.

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