Almost Human was an incredible show, and the fact that it has only 13 episodes is seriously a shame. It has a brilliant theme and really provides suspense and mystery. Karl Urban is an excellent actor, and John Kennex was a character with a strong purpose. Dorian, played by Michael Ealy, was just as intriguing a character, and seeing a person of colour in a lead role was fantastic representation. The chemistry between Kennex and Dorian was inspirational, and the bond between them is really inspiring. A good sci-fi drama is rare, but a good sci-fi drama with a powerful cast and a thrilling story that isn't cliché? That's even more rare.
I'm aware that this is a small fandom, but according to statistics, 96% of Google users enjoyed the show-and with your help, we can boost that rate even higher. Please consider renewing this show.

We, the undersigned, request the renewal of the sci-fi drama show Almost Human which was cancelled after its first season on air.

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