All Western Nations including Australia & New Zealand to act & save the last surviving Gnostics.

We, the members of the ‘Save All Mandaeans’ group/community in Australia and around the globe, are seeking the support and protection of our fellow Sabian Mandaeans stranded in Syria who are caught in the middle of yet another war.

We are asking the politician’s to take moral, legal and ethical responsibility to ‘save All Mandaean’ refugees in Syria and Jordan. Almost all Mandaean refugees fled Iraq forever. Our aspiration is to resettle these refugees in Australia, New Zealand, America and all other western nations as a persecuted group in order to save the Mandaean future culture, traditions, and faith of the Mandaean community.

Without the help of our Politicians and governments, the Mandaean community, who are particularly without a country, and protection, are left to defend for themselves, and are headed towards total extinction.

Mandaeans are considered the smallest and most vulnerable ethno-religious minority in Iraq and Iran. We number fewer than 70,000 people in the world, scattered around the globe as a result of Western intervention in Iraq and religious persecution in Iran. We follow the teachings of John the Baptist and practice baptism in flowing water as our central ritual.

Our teachings expressly forbid us from carrying weapons, even for self-defense. Instead, the Ginza Raba (Great Treasure), the chief Mandaean holy book, teaches us to oppose injustice bravely with words and knowledge, not iron. We therefore live our lives solely by peaceful means…

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian, New Zealand, American and Canadian governments as well as the UNHCR to support the application of All Mandaean refugees and make a genuine effort to ‘Save All Mandaeans’ by granting them asylum.

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