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The passage of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) Bill 2007 in the Lok Sabha is clearly an attempt by the government to curb the autonomy of the two institutions.

The minister’s argument that the amendment would enable AIIMS to transform itself into an institution of repute like John Hopkins research university is devoid of credibility. Good institutions and centres of excellence are not created by the whimsical decisions of ministers and bureaucrats, but by the dedication and perseverance of academicians, scientists and other professionals.

It is unfortunate that Parliament chose to find time for such a Bill at a time when many other important pieces of legislation are held up. More distressing is the behaviour of the Opposition. After protesting the introduction of the Bill, the main opposition parties staged a walkout, allowing the government a cake-walk.

The Opposition would have done better to vote en masse against the Bill. The UPA government, by allowing Mr Ramadoss, a PMK representative in the Cabinet, to push through a Bill targeting a single individual, has set a dangerous precedent.

We encourage not only students, professors and staff of this premier institute to sign this petition but also Indians world over.

Let's show this minister that enough is enough ...

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SIGN NOW and Save your AIIMS.

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