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On March 19th 2010 Iran's most brutal Judge Salavati confirmed the death sentence for Abdolreza Ghanbari, whose trial took place post-Ashoura Day.

Abdolreza Ghanbari’s trial was unjust and illegal, as he lacked access to a lawyer and did not have an opportunity to defend himself. Ghanbari is 42-years old and a resident of the poor neighborhood of Ghiam Dasht in Varamin. He is a high school teacher and his only alleged 'crime' is his participation in the Ashoura Day gatherings and chanting slogans against Khamenei.

He was held at Ward 2 of the Islamic Passdaran Revolutionary Guards Corps’ detention facility following his arrest. On 10 Bahman, without having notified his family or spoken to his lawyer, his appeared at a trial presided over by Judge Salavati and admitted to participating in the Ashoura Day protests and other acts. His 'admissions' were extracted under torture.

In August 2011, the Human Rights Activists News Agency reports that the Amnesty and Clemency Commission has rejected Ghanbari’s clemency request and has sent the case to the Implementation Division. This means that his execution is now imminent.

The death penalty verdict is an ILLEGAL act, issued by Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court was sent to Judge Zargar’s Branch 36 Appeals Court instead of being sent to the Supreme Court. Judge Zargar upheld Ghanbari’s death sentence.

His wife filed an appeal and requested a new hearing which was rejected. She then sent a letter to the Amnesty and Clemency Commission. One year after her request for clemency, the case has now been sent to the sentence Implementation Division.

Please sign this petition, and pass it to Human Rights organisations and politicians to put pressure on the Iranian regime to release this innocent man.

We, the undersigned, ask that Abdolreza Ghanbari be immediately released to his family without charge. The charges are without foundation and the process by which they were extracted both illegal and immoral.

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