#Animal Rights
Delta Airlines
United States of America

Delta airlines is banning Emotional Support and Service Pit Bulls. According to the ADA laws the animal can be any breed and is to be allowed. They are also only allowing one ES animal per customer. Delta Airlines has stated that they are trying to protect there health and safety of employees and customers. This Ban and capping goes into effect on July 10th, 2018. The airlines want to put the animals in the cargo hold and not with the owner. If an owner would have an attack in mid air then their symptoms may become extremely worse. So they should allow them to be on the plane or build a designated area or full plane for service animals and Emotional Support Animals.

If you think that Delta airlines as well as other companies should not be allowed to do this please sign this petition. There are people who cant even go out of their house without getting emotional. So lets gather our forces and put a stop to the destruction of saving lives of those in need.

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