Chapel Hill Town Council
United States of America

A developer is proposing 90 condominiums on Highway 54 east of Meadowmont in a state-designated Significant Natural Heritage Area and adjacent to the Upper Little Creek Wildlife Impoundment.

• Approving this proposal would set a precedent that any property in Chapel Hill can be rezoned to meet a developer’s goals, including Charterwood, Obey Creek, or your neighborhood.

• The Town’s land use map zones this property for low density, or “open space,” which should remain until the Town’s comprehensive plan is revisited later this year;

• The property contains critical wildlife habitat and is adjacent to sensitive wetlands and public game lands for hunting and fishing;

• Removing 70% of trees will cause erosion and runoff that affects an already impaired Jordan Lake, which supplies drinking water to half a million people;

• The proposed development does not comply with the Town’s steep slopes ordinance;

• The market for condominiums in Chapel Hill is already saturated.

We the undersigned request that the Town Council respect our zoning map and Town ordinances protecting all our neighborhoods and deny this rezoning.

The Save a Natural Heritage Area: Deny Aydan Court Rezoning petition to Chapel Hill Town Council was written by Julie McClintock and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.