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Kings County - Patricia Javorek; Bob Ashley


Alex Loomer has been ticketed by the county for violating its bylaws, which state that raising fowl and other farm animals is not permitted in a growth or residential area. Loomer owns a 12-hectare property on the Marshall Road, little more than a stone’s throw from the village of Kingston, a desig­nated growth area.

The county has told him to remove his feathered friends. He has refused. He’s also been ordered to appear in court on Feb. 16 to answer to the charge. In the meantime, he’s subject to a fine of $226 per day for every day he disobeys the order.

He plans to represent himself in court.

“It’s crazy," Loomer said Wednesday.

“Wouldn’t you think they’d have bigger priorities?"

Loomer has lived in the same location for 49 years. He has a small-machine repair shop on the property and has neighbours on both sides. Noting that he pays his taxes, he said he feels his property rights have been violated.

“I can’t get rid of them because it’s a death sentence," he said as three roosters followed him about his workshop.

Given as an Easter present last April to his 12-year-old daughter when they were day­old chicks, Loomer said his little girl would be devastated if the birds were destroyed.

The fowl are kept in a nearby coop when they’re not pecking and scratching at his feet or resting on his shoulder.

“They’re pets," Loomer said. “That’s all they are. We’re not involved in agriculture whatsoever with them."

We, the undersigned, call on Kings County to refrain from the order of removal of Alex Loomers family pets: one hen and four roosters.

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