#Residential Disputes
harry osterman, 48th ward alderman, chicago
United States of America

To prevent the demolition of the property at 1436 W. Berwyn, Chicago IL
To preserve the historic building at this property. The adjacent property at 1430 W. Berwyn is the "sister" historic building constructed by the same architect and would impact the beauty of the neighborhood. The density population would impact the neighborhood, adding a six flat would impact the green space at 1436 W. Berwyn.

We the undersigned would like the suspension of ALL permits for 1436 W. Berwyn, Chicago, IL 60640 and that no further permits be granted until a more suitable solution to preserve the historic building on this property has been reached. Alderman Harry Osterman: you have the authority to suspend these permits and to facilitate a better solution for this property. We are the residents and voters of this ward and stand united in hopes that you would provide a forum to facilitate the preservation of this property.

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