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Government of Barbados

From inception, the Spring Garden Highway has posed a constant threat to pedestrians, claiming many lives in the process. The first occurrence might have been the young gentleman taking his dog to the beach almost four decade ago, to the last elderly Barbadian visitor going for a swim in July 2010.

These are some of the tragic fatalities the public hear of, but there are also many accidents involving injuries, some serious, near misses and the close calls that do not make the news headlines, all the while residents of the close neighbourhoods to the beach at Brandons including Deacons, Rosemont, Brandons, Spring Garden, Black Rock main Road, Wavell Avenue, Fairfield, and Grazettes pay a deadly price for the pleasure of a sea bath, a favourite pass time enjoyed by many other Barbadian, but without the constant risk of losing their lives or being seriously injured in the process.

We the undersigned lend support to this petition requesting the provision of a safe crossing facility for pedestrians on the Spring Garden Highway by way of appropriate Signage, road markings and a
Pedestrian activated Pelican crossing, or a pedestrian overpass.

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